Through StageSource, I lead the Gender Explosion initiative for developing resources and training to improve gender inclusion for trans and non-binary theater-makers. I have run workshops for ArtsEmerson and the Annual SETC Convention as part of their Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Series.

To the right is a guide, developed with the New England trans theatre community, with seven achievable actions you can take right now to support your transgender and non-binary coworkers


My guide to integrating pronoun usage into the theatrical workplace was seen by over 240k people on Facebook alone, across the globe.

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Beyond the Bathrooms read moe on HowlRoun

Alongside M Sloth Levine and the guidance of the Gender Explosion Initiative, this essay on HowlRound discusses the current state of trans and non-binary inclusion in the theatrical sector, and ways theatremakers can dismantle stigmas against trans people and continue creating an inclusive theatre scene.

"It is up to every single one of us to effect change to make the theatre community more inclusive—and this goes beyond gender-neutral restrooms."

HowlRound — July 28, 2019

Through StageSource, I also facilitate the Line Drawn Initiative, dedicated to developing programs and resources specifically for the New England performing arts community to prevent and deal with all forms of harassment, and to create safe working spaces for all.

To the right are the Line Drawn community standards, developed with the continual input and guidance from the Line Drawn working group, and the New England Theatre community at large.

They are a unified set of 10 standards, created with the aim to be adopted by all New England theatre companies as a foundation to build safe workspace and universal protections for theatre-workers.

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Alongside Dawn M. Simmons and Jen Lewis, this essay on HowlRound unpacks the findings of the Line Drawn initiatives and our initial summits, and where progress needs to happen to truly address harassment in the theatre industry.

"Boilerplate harassment policies simply aren't effective when the work sometimes requires individuals to change clothes, touch or kiss, and discuss sexual content with their coworkers."

HowlRound — July 17, 2019

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