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The 2018 Boston Project

with SpeakEasy Stage Company



by Phaedra Scott

directed by Pascale Florestal

DIASPORA! explores the world of Sunny, a young writer on the edge of success, whose life is shaken when she discovers where she comes from. Janae, her niece, is a freshman Black Studies major with a specific set of world views that Sunny does not always fit into. Created identity and biological fact all come into question in their journey to find truth and acceptance in the face of selective honesty.

Hot Dog Christmas

by Ethan Warren

directed by Alex Lonati

Joey and Grace are cousins and longtime Fenway Park employees who believe their daily superstitious rituals influence the fate of the Boston Red Sox. When Heather, a wealthy college student haunted by a recent trauma, gets a job as a fan photographer, Joey and Grace recognize her as a powerful influencer in their connection to the team, and decide for the first time to expand their closely-guarded circle. Featuring passages drawn from interviews with real members of Red Sox Nation, Hot Dog Christmas is an examination of responsibility, privilege, and a tumultuous era in America, all through the lens of what it means to root for your hometown team. 


June 2018

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